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My Lovely Heat-Seeking Missiles

Posted on: January 12, 2014


I’ve been trying to write the story of meeting my boyfriend, and it occurred to me yesterday I’ve got some really good meeting friends stories too. Most times people just integrate into my life through school, work, or let’s face it, the bar. And I love you guys too. A lot. But a few of my best friends sought me out, like lovely, charming heat-seeking missiles.

I had been training her for three days in all things bookstore related. I’ve worked with and trained so many people in my life that I try not to learn people’s names until at least a month goes by. I was walking out of work one day when she said, “Hey, Virginia!” She picked up two bear bookends and held them up paw to paw. “This is like me and you!” I paused and replied, “You’re either the craziest person I’ve ever met or we’re going to be best friends.” We’re best friends now.

I was striding through campus in the first week of college when I was approached by two incredibly enthusiastic people. “We love your backpack! We’re throwing a party tonight [based on the characters on my backpack, omitted to protect any present day coolness].” “Oh cool,” I said. And didn’t go. I learned much later after I had finally become friend and best friend to these people that they had made up the party solely to befriend me and couldn’t believe I didn’t come.

If I recall correctly, she came up to me and said, simply, “I think we should be friends,” and made me come back to her room with her after our Intro to Political Science class. And that was that. I ‘ve learned after knowing her for over 13 years now, that’s how she does everything.

It’s really hard to feel bad about myself when I think of stories like these. Thank you, dudes.


2 Responses to "My Lovely Heat-Seeking Missiles"

It makes me proud to think that that is how I do everything — thanks for that!

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