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The Pleasures of a Necklace

Posted on: October 5, 2013

My co-worker gets a look on his face like I’m bleeding from my face and taps his chest. “Oh my goodness, thank you,” I whisper, and flip my necklace around. I’ve got everyone at work doing this now. When my necklace is flipped around, they make a “there’s an emergency” face and I restore it to being face forward.

This is my new favorite thing.


It was in a bag of clothes my boyfriend’s mother gave me, which included some business suits, suits of edification, the kind of clothes that makes you want to be the person who wears them everyday. I love the clothes, and they’ve motivated to make some steps this week toward being that person. But this necklace straight up makes me feel like a queen. I don’t know, which is better? Queen or CEO? Can you feel like both? I’d guess the modern-day royals wear business suits. 

I’ve never been a jewelry person. I break and destroy in some way anything I come in touch with at some point. My boyfriend calls me the “Great Ruiner” (lovingly? she optimistically parenthesized). It’s a first for me to come across a piece of jewelry that I want to wear so badly that I ignore the voice in my head that says, “You’re just going to break that, you know. If you don’t lose it first!”

The necklace is more powerful than that voice, you see. The incredibly crazy and brutally cruel voice inside every woman’s head, probably including CEOs and queens. I have started using it as a talisman against my own self-doubt. I touch it and my head gets a little straighter, both literally and figuratively. It’s both a posture and gut check mechanism for me now, and I feel like it couldn’t have come to me at a better time in my life.

(So, I guess this is my public thank you letter, Leslie.)


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Magical powers. Yes.

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