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Talking to Strangers and The Walmart Employee Who Feels Like A Vampire

Posted on: September 21, 2013

“How are you doing? Are you having a good night?” he asks. “Night? It’s the morning!” I reply. “I guess it is, sometimes I feel like a vampire.” I laugh and say, “You have a good one,” and keep walking, thinking of how absolutely fully shocked I would be if a Walmart employee spoke to me at all three months ago.

In Kentucky, everyone talks to you. It’s great. You can ask anyone pretty much any question. My first experience with this was my first week here, using the GPS on my phone to get to the post office, and finding myself at my boyfriend’s friend’s house. “I remember drinking moonshine here, this just can’t be a post office,” I thought, using every ounce of my deductive reasoning.

Driving down the Kentucky back roads, the post office closing in a half hour, unable to get my smart phone to think for me for once, I saw a car behind me and realized I wasn’t in a Chicago suburb anymore. I could just hop out of my car and ask those other humans a question, and they would reply without any murder (worst case scenario-ing) or rudeness. So I did, and I found the post office. It was a Kentucky miracle.

When I go to the grocery store now, I make it a point to ask one of the employees a question every time. “Can you tell me the truth about bay leaves? Are they worth all the hype?” I ask, and get an informed and down-to-earth answer. The produce manager, who would be so polite as to be creepy up north, asks me if I’m finding everything okay, and I volunteer, “Yes, I’m just considering the ripeness of these bananas,” as if that’s a normal thing to say, anywhere. He unblinkingly replies, “Yes, it’s sure hard to get the perfect bunch.”

The other cool thing about Kentucky is literally everywhere you go, someone is running into someone they know. I’m used to a transaction at work getting interrupted by someone answering their cell phone, but here, it’s always people being interrupted by people they know. I don’t mind a bit. Imagine, if you will, my friends, a land where people talk to their fellow man. It’s actually pretty cool.


5 Responses to "Talking to Strangers and The Walmart Employee Who Feels Like A Vampire"

Wonderful rainy Saturday morning reading material and makes me a little homesick, except it’s even more friendly and down home (believe it or not) here in Mtn. Brook. Y’all come on down,

I can’t wait to walk around in that friendly big town in shock and awe just like you, let’s hit the BARBQ fest next weekend…shall we?

Oh yes! I hope to do the BBQ fest real big for my birthday!

Gasp! LOL. I’m glad you are diggin the Kentucky vibe 🙂

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