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Why I Like Drake

Posted on: October 30, 2011

I feel like I am an appreciator of good rap music. Sometimes I get accused (by myself, mainly) of not being the most discerning rap listener in the world, although with age, I am growing more accustomed to the thought, “Why is this popular, exactly?” As a music buyer, though, I have a pretty short list of rappers who put out albums that I will automatically purchase these days:

Kanye West
Outkast/Members of Outkast’s solo projects
Ghostface Killah/Most projects associated with more than one member of the Wu Tang Clan
Lil Wayne
And now, somehow, Drake.

Why do I like Drake so much? I am not even sure that I think he’s a great rapper. A lot of the time on his albums he’s auto-tune crooning at me. Let’s explore.

1. Handsomeness.

Let’s all get really real, here. Drake is handsome. He likes his handsomeness. Or rather, he appreciates that people like his handsomeness. I can’t really explain exactly why I find him attractive. He definitely has kind of a dopey look to him, which is a big plus for some reason. Why does that make me like his music? I don’t know exactly. I retired my Jordan Knight album a long time ago. Since so much of Drake is slow jammy, spitting game type music, I guess it helps. See Drake featuring The-Dream, “Shut It Down.” That song definitely works better coming from a handsome dude. I love that song. It’s for private times.

2. He’s pretty much a fanboy.

Ahem, Drake quote: “I have a shrine in my apartment dedicated to Andre. I took a door off a barn and had an artist take the lyrics from his verses [and put them] on this barn door. As soon as you walk into my apartment that’s the first thing you see.”

See also: This article about his referencing a Dead Prez line (Sidebar: I, for one, am cool with rappers quoting other rappers. I don’t think it’s stealing at all. If Dead Prez gets written about and people listen to them rapping over the “Over” beat, isn’t that good for Dead Prez? Yes.)

Also, I like that he keeps asking Nicki Minaj to marry him lyrically.

3. Speaking of that, he’s really soft. But I feel like he’s emotionally unavailable at the same time. It’s just a recipe for celebrity crush disaster.

I loved Speakerboxx and The Love Below equally. You know what I mean? You can be a love rapper. Or sing whole songs. Believe me, I’m not comparing anything Drake has done to The Love Below. But it’s nice to hear him compliment the ladies on his songs. It’s why I am a Ne-Yo fan, for example. There’s something about talking reverentially about a woman in a lyric that just works for me, okay, haters? Sorry, that was unnecessary.

4. Who’s this Big Sean character anyway?


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