House of Hawthorne

Part 3 of My Guide to Watch the Throne: House of Hawthrone. (ha, ha.)

Posted on: August 18, 2011

Kanye's Curses in Cursive

Kanye's Curses in Cursive as written by me, Virginia Hawthorne.

I am just a girl who comes to the library to use the Internet, okay? I’m not GQ, with their fancy buyer’s guide to Watch the Throne, even though it seems to have been posted two days after mine. (Thanks for the link, Harrel.) Also, I have to give it up to this article, which takes to task the people detracting the album based both on how much they spent on making it, and how much they virtually spend on the items mentioned. Thanks GQ for the latter information, but also earlier than that, me!

But the parts of the album that I love have nothing to do with how little money I make compared to Jay-Z and Kanye. They buy and wear the labels that I don’t know exist because they can and I can’t. Am I jealous of something that I don’t even know exists? Hardly. I never wear watches, so am I holding them accountable for wearing watches that cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars? No. Honestly, Jay-Z and Kanye both have made music that I could never have made. They’ve made music, including this album, that has without fail motivated me to do the best I can in my life, whatever my life is. My life, to put it lightly, is different from their lives, but I feel in my fan’s heart that I would get along with either Jay-Z and Kanye. I definitely hope Jay puts out an updated paperback version of Decoded for my Christmas bookselling season, with a chapter on this album. I’ll drop a mill, hand-selling that book-wise.

I’ve made more lists of things to blog about with this album, specifically making a list of when Kanye and Jay-Z quote each other and themselves (not as often as I thought after the first listen, really), an update of Jay-Z’s lists, including a list of famous Michaels, and bonus, Kanye’s lists of Russells (which I texted my best friend Russell about, obviously), and a whole blog comparing this album to Best of Both Worlds, Jay-Z’s album with R. Kelly that was derailed by a certain scandal.

I may still blog about that kind of stuff at some point, but you can just rest easy that I’m listening to Watch the Throne all the time still, and I officially think it’s a great album. And to the person who told me he thought this album had too much Beyoncé, I shall quote another Jay-Z song, “Threat:”

“Put that knife in ya, take a little bit of life from ya
Am I frightenin ya? Shall I continue?
I put the gun to ya, I let it sing you a song
I let it hum to ya, the other one sing along
Now it’s a duet, and you wet, when you check out
the technique from the 2 tecs and I don’t need two lips
To blow this like a trumpet you dumb shit”

Beyoncé’s a perfect human being, and she kills it on that hook and only sings in that one song anyway. Hater.

Thanks for going on the journey, friends, if you did. We’re on the other side. If you want me to write any of those blogs, I certainly can and will. The door to the throne room has not closed. Or whatever.


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