House of Hawthorne

I feel like my soul is broken into half, in regards to Watch the Throne.

Posted on: August 9, 2011

Don't walk away from me!

What does one American girl with a little disposable income to the tune of $10-$15, who is completely focused on buying and then listening (in that specific order) to the new Jay-Z and Kanye West album Watch the Throne, have to do? I know the answer, I know it, okay? Buy it on iTunes. You might as well be telling me to learn how to juggle and join a traveling caravan to visit Def Jam headquarters and see if my juggling would please the king, you know on the throne, or what have you. I can’t juggle! Trust me. I can barely hold… anything. Name a thing and put it in my hands and put me on the clock to see how long I can actually just hold it. I will drop it. Not like it’s hot, either, just like I’m a clumsy, uncoordinated person. I am sure that if you took me on a juggling tour to impress my favorite two musical artists, specifically Jay-Z and Kanye West, I would fail horribly, even if it meant winning their favor and thus a copy of Watch the Throne.

See my previous blog for just some of the reasons that I want to listen to this album, if you’d like. I appreciate the leak-stopping strategy, and man, am I happy for Jay-Z and Kanye for their great sales. But I have to wait until Friday? I can’t focus on anything else in this world anymore. I couldn’t listen to NPR today, because there was a review of it, including clips. I need to come to this album with a fresh mind. I can’t check Twitter anymore, because all of the basketball bloggers I follow only talk about Watch the Throne nowadays. Kevin Durant’s Twitter, which is where I get all my news for some reason and the only thing I mention in every single blog I write, has got lyrics. Spoiler alert people! I don’t ruin books for people. Why are you trying to ruin my listening experience? All of popular culture, just please. Stop torturing me.

Who wants to have a Watch the Throne CD listening party on Friday? Get at me.

(I should have invited those two dudes at Best Buy who were looking for it today too. Actually this would be a great way to meet dudes every day until Friday and assure myself that they love Jay-Z and Kanye West, which is a pretty big deal maker. I’m on it, don’t worry.)


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