House of Hawthorne

Fair enough, Dad.

Posted on: June 19, 2011

I wish I had that fly Ghostbuster tee still, dang.Hey! It’s Father’s Day. I’ve been thinking about why I think my dad is awesome all day. I asked him if I could post a blog about him and he said as long as it was “very subtle” and that he is “proud of [me] not the other way around.”

Okay, fair enough, Dad. Then let me explain some of the reasons why I am awesome.

I can honestly walk into any social situation at this point in my life with confidence and ease and make friends with anyone in any room. That is directly from my father; I call it turning on the Hawthorne charm. This is one of those characteristics I learned from quietly watching him over the years.

It’s hard to teach the Hawthorne charm, exactly. But a lot of the tools that I use were explicitly taught to me. I don’t know if it was by design or what, but I know a ton of information about topics of possible conversation. See, every time I’m in the car with my dad, it’s Cash Cab without all the cash prizes. Well, sometimes there’s cash prizes, he is my dad after all. He actually asked me last week, let me see if I can even get this question right, “What percentage of the time do lead-off hitters score when they get on base?” Can you imagine a world in which you would actually know that number? Well, I do, if I remember the question correctly.

Okay, I'm just posting this because I was such a cute baby.Obviously, I like sports because of my dad. I didn’t know until later that not every girl watched Sportscenter every morning. I did it because I like hearing my dad’s jokes about sports, even more than the actual commentators. He’s a genuinely funny person. If I’m funny at all, that is all due to him. It’s just one of those tools that I have.

He’s a cool dude, my dad. Happy Father’s Day.


2 Responses to "Fair enough, Dad."

Cherish these times and make lots more ! And Virginia they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 🙂

LOVE that see-saw picture of you two, you’re rockin’ that Ghostbusters shirt!! And gosh, does Jeffery look like him!

Great post, Ms. Hawthorne. I must say, you do exude mad charm. I love that you’re your father’s daughter, and you bond through being funny. He ABSOLUTELY passed the funny gene to you, girl. ❤ I remember your Michael Jordan sleeping bag in junior high, it was bad ass!! I think it's cute that both our dads are humble, funny, and proud of us. 🙂

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