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Lil Wayne and Lady Parts

Posted on: May 5, 2011

I was listening to Lil Wayne’s song “Bill Gates” recently and there was a line that gave me a little pause. That’s Weezy for you, making you think and all. But this one… “Weezy f-ck the world, yup I f-ck it till it ovulate”… does Lil Wayne know that’s not how you make ovulation happen? And then I began to think, maybe Lil Wayne, as awesome as I think he is, doesn’t know anything about the female body, despite his much-avowed desire for women.

The most glaring example is a line so gnarly, so bad, that it almost made me give up Lil Wayne altogether. “I’m a venereal disease like a menstrual bleed,” from “A Milli.” Obviously, awful.

“I get behind it, and move her/Like the Heimlich maneuver” -“Time for Us To F-ck” Uh yeah, no. Hot tip: don’t use the Heimlich maneuver on a woman, Weezy.

I do have to give our imagination’s Lil Wayne as a lover credit though, he seems to be very into, shall we say, the oral arts.

From “Time For Us To F-ck” also: “I say I’m on a strict diet, I can only eat you”
From “With You”: “Keep playing and I’mma eat her like a pita roll”
From “I’m Raw”: “And if she tall I can climb in it/ I usually dont have a time limit/ and eating pussy ain’t a crime is it”

Wait back that line up, does he think he can climb in…? Never mind.

I should probably stop this post before it gets even more family un-friendly. That’s Weezy for you, though. There’s nowhere he won’t go lyrically.


3 Responses to "Lil Wayne and Lady Parts"

Love this post, I think this is great constructive critism for Lil Wayne.

Every man, I think, should take the time to learn about lady parts. I’m sure EVERY woman would be appreciative of that 🙂

Again, I love the post, looking forward to the next 🙂


Oh man Virginia…I’m dyin’ over here in my office reading this!! (And totally about to be late to a meeting so I could finish the whole thing…I keep stopping to go back re-read and laugh some more at all the lines). Yeah, I’m thinking Weezy needs a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves or something. Cuz yea homie…yr doing it wrong.

FYI, im at work on break, reading this and peeing my pants laughing

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