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Whatever happened to Gangsta Boo?

Posted on: March 7, 2011

I listened very closely to the Nicki Minaj song “I’m The Best” today and the following lyrics hit me:

“I just walk up out the door all the girls will applaud
all the girls will commend, as long as they understand
that I’m fighting for the girls, that never thought they could win
cause before they could begin you told ’em it was the end
but I am here to reverse the curse that they live in”

This got me thinking about those female rappers that have come and gone.  They sometimes had hot verses on your favorite rapper’s songs and then we have never heard from them again. Whatever happened to Gangsta Boo, the first female member of the Three 6 Mafia, for example? There are, of course, loads of male rappers to whom this happens. Interestingly, I typed into google “where is rapper” and the following pop up as suggestions:

Where is rapper:
Tupac Shakur from
Big Sean from
AZ from
Steady B
The Game

See, I totally forgot about Vita too. She doesn’t even have a real Wikipedia page. It’s been deleted. Vita’s Wikipedia page / The Debate Over Vita’s Deletion from Wikipedia

I’m sure this happens on Wikipedia more than this, but that is kinda bizarre, no?  I really was not a fan of Murder, Inc., due to my own personal issues with Ashanti, so that’s why I forgot about Vita in the first place, but she’s unimportant enough that she had her Wikipedia page deleted. (Interestingly enough, Vita was born exactly one day before me.)  Last official Vita Myspace login: August 8, 2009.

And Gangsta Boo’s page seems to be out of date, also, saying that she’s “currently facing criminal charges of conspiracy to commit armed robbery in North Mississippi.” But the latest information for that is December 2009.  Her last Twitter update is dated March 26, 2009, indeed. And you can find this picture of her supposedly from this great female rapper “unity” photo shoot from November 2010:

Shoot, I’ve gotta catch the bus and I haven’t even talked about Trina or Foxy Brown. I am going to pursue this Gangsta Boo mystery, too.  I think I’m particularly interested in female rappers, who don’t have any career to speak of anymore, who were associated with still-successful male rappers.

To be continued, methinks.

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