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Rap lyrics out of date because of this year’s NBA moves

Posted on: March 4, 2011

I hope this doesn’t bore you if you hate rap or basketball but this is a short list of rap lyrics that are out of date because this year’s NBA season:

The inspiration for this list is:
“Playing for the Bucks like Hakim Warrick” (Inspectah Deck on “Gunshowers,” Wu-Massacre) Current NBA team: Phoenix Suns

“I got a cousin that plays for the Utah Jazz
But I don’t hafta run the two to shoot yall ass
Peace to Ronnie Brewer, on the mic I’m the manure” (Guilty Simpson on “The Future,” Ode to the Ghetto) Current NBA team: Chicago Bulls

“And my jew-els, blue and yellow
The type of shit the make em call you Carmelo” (Lil Wayne on T.I.’s “Swagga Like Us,” Paper Trail) Current NBA team: New York Knicks

Okay there’s three.  I grow weary of combing rap lyrics, especially since statistically, rappers mention Allen Iverson 54% of the time and Latrell Sprewell the rest.  This site here is the most useful source ever for people looking for rap lyrics referencing NBA players, for example, me all the time:

Today I am going to have some friends over, it appears, and interview them for a new blog feature called “Interviews with People I Know.” You, too, can participate, as long as you bring your own camera that can record video.

Cheers from House of Hawthorne!


1 Response to "Rap lyrics out of date because of this year’s NBA moves"

Relating rap lyrics and basketball– genius. The fact that you have such extensive knowledge of awesomely disparate categories?

More impressive than McLovin’. 😉 I ❤ House of Hawthorne!

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