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Do you ever participate in offers available on food packaging?

Posted on: February 24, 2011

I recently did this really weird thing that is totally unlike me. I collected 20 codes on the inside of Lean Cuisine boxes to get a free lunch bag in 8-12 weeks. I kept at it, buying and eating these mediocre microwaveable meals, asking my co-workers to save their codes for me. I entered all 20 codes in the course of 2 days, as I was frustrated to learn you can enter 10 codes maximum a day. So now I have this almost definitely crappy lunch bag coming in 8-12 weeks, which I probably won’t use anyway because I generally use a rather large bag to bring my things to and from work. Also, people keep saving what is functional trash for me, and now I have gotten hooked into the promise of a possible Lean Cuisine loyalty program starting in April. Which again, requires me to save what is functionally trash.

Now, just today I was hooked by this yogurt that was on sale at Target.  “14 Day Activia Challenge” it says on the packaging. “It works or your money back.”  I was kinda pumped to get involved in a new ridiculous food packaging-related quest because I thought it could be good blog material, potentially.  I know you’re out there somewhere laughing your head off at these zany exploits, someone.  The problem is on the packaging they give you no idea how to do this challenge.  It says you can get a maximum refund of $12, which is interesting, but it seems like you’re ending up at zero instead of in the positive.  If you go to the website there is a taste test offer also.  Then relating to the actual challenge you only find a redemption form and rules.  The redemption form gives the most clues, but the only part of the challenge you actually have to complete is buying it in the first place and then complaining about it afterwards, basically.  Super disappointing, altogether.

Similar to this post!  Zing!  Oof. 

Please advise.


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